Day 5

The pits are starting to take shape.  A massive thanks to Dave, Karl and their team.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Day 4

Another busy day in the new extension.  The base of concrete went down today.  It was a long but very productive day.

Day 3

Another busy day with lots of pumping out water and manual digging.  Barry and Rachel are two very sore and tired people tonight!  Thanks Steve for helping tonight.  If anyone can spare some time to help please see Barry.

Day 2

Today was all about concrete with a little bit of water thrown in.

Day 1

Follow our developments as the pits are dug.  Photos and updates in our blog section (under News)



The diggers are in!

Late last night Barry and Rachel built a temporary wall in readiness for the diggers arriving.

The first dig started at 8 a.m. today.

Walls are coming down!

Barry and Dan have been busy these last few days.  They have been taking down part of the wall so that the diggers can come in to dig the trampoline pit and the foam pit.