Stockport Carnival

A massive thanks to all the gymnasts and parents, who regardless of the glorious weather, walked the two and a half miles to take part in this year’s Stockport Carnival.  If that wasn’t hot enough they then showed Woodbank Park how fabulous we are by performing individual and group displays.  As always we have a fantastic, supportive group of parent’s and coaches who make days like today possible.



Dear parents,

Please be advised that all updates will now be put on the website.  This will be done to the earliest convenience of our coaches.  Most of our coaches are volunteers and after a long days work spend 3 hours coaching your children as well as 1-2 hours preparing programmes, routines, music, admin, letters, carnivals, bag packing, extension work etc.  Volunteers give up their valuable time to develop your child in the gym  To the best of their ability they provide information to help you to support your child.  As we are only human sometimes we make errors.  The time we spend in the gym is valuable to develop new skills and consolidate old skills in preparation for competitions and displays.  Many parents are fully supportive and appreciative of all our volunteers do.  Many volunteers coach up to 18 hours per week, alongside full time jobs and families.  Coaches develop a relationship with the gymnasts and want to commit to that time and take pride in their achievements.  However, constant criticism from other parents and lack of support make this job difficult.  We do not want our volunteers to give up as this would effect your child’s development in the gym.  Please feel free to volunteer your services to help with the administration and support us by reading, returning letters and respecting training times.  There are many parents’ who do this and as always we are grateful.

Asda Bag Packing


Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped bag pack today.  We wouldn’t have our amazing foam pits so quickly if it wasn’t for your continued support.  We raised an amazing £940!


A fabulous team – Phase 1 almost complete

Many, many thanks to the parents and gymnasts who came to help finish the first phase of our extension.  Thanks to the following families; Kitchens, Fards, Baker-Masters, Darbys, Owens, Wildes, Forshaws, Spahos, Greaves-Braynes, Roylances, Murphys, Hancock children and  Davies.  A tremendous days work.   We had a productive day: removing the wall, moving tumble track, vault, floor and adding a new beam area.

Painting tomorrow.  Will be in the gym from 11 a.m.




Well it’s been two weeks since my last pictures of the pits.  What a lot of hard work has been going on.  Tonight the girls warmed up in their new pits and got to have a little play! (so did the coaches!)

Summer Fayre

Our first ever fayre was held today.  What an amazing, successful day it was!  A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who organised the day, came to help, to watch and support our gymnasts and the club.  Pictures to follow soon…..

Vernon Park T-shirts

Our first t-shirts are here and ready to order.  These are our everyday t-shirts not our competition ones (those are still at the design phase)

T-shirts are now on sale for £9.00 and are available in child sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13, 14-15 and adult sizes S, M, L.

Pick up an order form in the gym.

Day 8

A day of backfilling and new bars!

Day 7

Main pit finished today!  Many thanks to the volunteers today.  Gillian, Dawn, Steve, Martin, Donna and of course Dave and Gary were amazing helping to move blocks, mix concrete, move more dirt and many other vital jobs.  Well done Hayden too!

Tomorrow from 3 to 5 we will be backfilling.  Any help greatly appreciated.


Day 6

Barry and Steve spent the day carrying over 1000 bricks today ready for the return of the bricklayers tomorrow.

Karl from Unique Property Services finished all the digging today.  A fantastic job done.