Milano Invitational 2019

Well done to everyone who competed at the Milano Invitational 4 piece competition in Preston last week. This was the first time competing in a 4 piece competition for many of our gymnasts & first time competing at a higher level for many of our more experienced gymnasts.

Special well done to the following gymnasts:

  • Sophie (first 4 piece competition-brilliant performance)
  • Darcy (first 4 piece competition-brilliant performance)
  • Carys (first competition-2nd Ba, 1st Be, 3rd Fl, 3rd Overall)
  • Lexie (first 4 piece competition-2nd Va, 3rd Fl, 4th Overall)
  • Lana (first 4 piece comp, first time competing upstart)
  • Jessica (first 4 piece competition- 3rd Ba, artistry award)
  • Alice (3rd Ba)
  • Imogen (4th Ba, 6th overall)
  • Isabelle (first competition @ level 5- brilliant performance)
  • Rae (3rd Be, 6th overall)
  • Meisha(first competition@level 4-3rd Va, 2nd Ba, 1st Be, 2nd Fl, 2nd O)
  • Lucy (first competition @ level 5, first time competing upstarts- 4th Fl)
  • Gabby (first competition@ level 5- 5th Be, 6th Fl, 6th Overall)
  • Ellie (3rd Va)
  • Niamh (2nd Ba, 6th Fl, 6th Overall, artistry award)

**The new club 4 piece leotards looked great- thanks to the zone!!!