North West Individuals 2018

What a weekend!!! Well done to ALL of our gymnasts who took part, the majority of which medalled and all of which had a fantastic competition.

Special well done to:

Level 4 Juniors

Faye 1st Vault & Leandra 2nd Vault

Level 6 Aged 10

Gabby 1st Vault,Lucy 2nd Vault, Lila 3rd Vault, Lila 3rd Beam, Lila 2nd Overall

Level 5 Aged 12

Jasmine 1st Vault, Jasmine 1st Floor

Level 5 Aged 11

Amelia 1st Vault, Amelia 1st Bars, Amelia `1st Floor, Amelia 1st Overall

Level 6 Aged 11

Ella 2nd Bars, Ella 2nd Overall

Level 5 Aged 13+

Ellie 1st Floor, Ellie 3rd Vault, Meisha 1st Vault, Meisha 3rd Bars, Meisha 3rd Beam, Meisha 2nd Overall

Level 6 Aged 9

Isabelle 3rd Floor