Greater Manchester 4 Piece

Well done to everyone who competed at the county 4 piece championships on 3rd & 4th November. Yet another successful weekend for all involved. Special well done to the following medallists:

Ella Honeychurch- 3rd Beam, 2nd Overall (Level 6 Age 11)

Amelia Kennedy- 3rd vault, 2nd beam, 1st floor, 3rd overall (Level 5 Age 11)

Jasmine Reid- 3rd bars, 2nd beam, 3rd floor, 1st overall (Level 5 Age 12)

Faye Maddocks- 2nd vault (Level 4 juniors)

Leandra Borges-  3rd bars, 3rd beam, 3rd floor, 1st overall (Level 4 juniors) GREATER MANCHESTER TEAM SELECTION

Zara Hogan- 1st vault (Level 4 juniors)

Meisha Gallagher- 1st vault, 1st floor, 1st overall (Level 5 age 13+)

Ellie Moore- 2nd floor (Level 5 Age 13+)

Lila Norton- 3rd floor (Level 6 Age 10)

Isabelle McGrath- 3rd floor, 3rd overall (Level 6 Age 9) GREATER MANCHESTER TEAM SELECTION

Imogen Raynor- 3rd bars (Level 6 Age 8)

Gabrielle Pastore- 2nd floor (Level 6 Age 10)